Free NCLEX RN review program… is Archer Review any good?


Hey guys, it’s Nursejanx.  There are a lot of NCLEX preparation programs out there, and the list just keeps getting longer.

Just off the top of my head, we have Hurst, UWorld, Kaplan, Saunders, HESI, ATI/Board Vitals, Med-Challenger, and more.

Recently, I was contacted by a company called Archer Review.  I spoke with them and got some information about their company and their products, and here’s what I found out.


Archer Review started in 2008 with USMLE test prep products.  USMLE stands for the United States Medical Licensing Examination and is a 3 part test and is considered the most important set of exams for physicians, as it is required to practice medicine and can affect what types of residency programs students can be accepted into.  Horrible USMLE scores can prevent residency acceptance and terminate a career before it’s even started.

Archer Review focused on USMLE tests until 2019 when they decided to get into the NCLEX game, and they are still in the early stages of this endeavor, which is kind of a good and a bad thing.

The good

Nice app

I have used the android app exclusively. The interphase is nice, and I like the UI a lot.  I compared it to UWorld and it bears a striking resemblance.  Archer Review actually told me that they are competing with UWorld in their sights and are trying to get a larger question bank as well as better pricing. 

Low prices

Right now you can get access to 60 days to the question bank for free.  It looks like 30 days is always going to be free and this is just early adopter pricing.  I talked with the folks at Archer Review and they told me that they always intend on undercutting UWorld pricing by at least 60%.

Large question bank

Over 1800 questions right now and growing.  The number has increased since I first started using the app a little less than a week ago.

Decent rationales

Every question has a rationale with a cited source which is important.  They are also using sources like Saunders, HESI, and some nursing textbooks that I recognized.

High pass rate

Archer Review told me that since their NCLEX products went live last summer that they’ve had over 10,000 students use the product and are claiming a 95% pass rate.  

Money-back guarantee

I also confirmed that they would offer a money-back guarantee for students who don’t pass which I think is super important for any honest company.

The bad

Not polished

Some grammar errors, but worse, some incorrectly labeled answer choices.  I got a question correct but it was marked as the wrong answer in the app.  Luckily, the rationale stated that the answer I chose was the correct response so I knew I wasn’t going crazy, but that’s pretty bad and needs immediate fixing.  This tells me that the scores you receive on the tests may not be accurate.

Sometimes the questions don’t feel like NCLEX questions

Some of the questions read more like nursing test questions.  If you’ve seen some of my other videos on the NCLEX, you’ve heard me say that NCLEX questions are basically all safety questions and they have a unique feel to them.  A lot of these questions seemed more cut and dry information-based questions.  Now, there were definitely plenty of NCLEX feeling questions, but a lot just didn’t seem like they fit the style.

Would I recommend it?

I’m all about saving you guys money and recommending the best value products and solutions.  I don’t want you guys wasting your hard-earned money.  If you’ve been following this channel for a while, you’ve probably heard me say in previous videos, I think the best NCLEX review products are the ones you already have.  A lot of nursing schools make their students buy review programs because it helps improve their passing rates and they can advertise that passing rate to attract future students because everyone wants a good pass rate and nobody wants a low one.  So use what you already bought, your school has a vested interest in you passing your NCLEX.

That being said, if you don’t already have a program of some kind, let’s talk about Archer Review.

Every new product is probably going to have some hiccups, and Archer Review is no exception.  I don’t think this is the best NCLEX review product on the market, and I am confident that the big names in the NCLEX world will offer better content.


You’re gonna pay for that quality bump.  Sometimes hundreds of dollars.

If you are short on money and were considering just winging the NCLEX because you don’t have extra cash to throw at the big-name NCLEX prep companies, then maybe give Archer Review a try.

Right now, because it’s new and kinda in beta testing mode, you can get up to 60 days for free.  This includes access to the entire question bank.  They may not be the absolute best, but it’s better than nothing just to be able to answer questions and get used to taking tests.

It’s not bad, just not the best I’ve seen, and I think there are better products out there… but once again, they’re pricy.

I feel like this could be a challenger to some of the products out there like UWorld after some time developing the product.  It’s so new, and I feel like I should give it another look in a year or so to see if it’s gotten a bit more polished.  Nevertheless, I would recommend it for free/budget NCLEX prep.

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