Maryville University’s Online MSN NP Program – Why I Chose Maryville

I am currently enrolled in Maryville University’s Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) online MSN program, and I’ll soon begin semester 3 of a total of 9. Here are some of the reasons that I chose Maryville University:

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One of the main reasons I chose an online program is because I wanted to be able to work at least part time while I was in school.  I work night-shift, and I knew that going to scheduled daytime classes would be a nightmare for me, so I wanted something totally online asynchronous.

Maryville was the perfect fit. ¬†The program is 100% online. ¬†That means no meet ups, period! ¬†Lots of online programs say that they are all online but still require students to meet up a few times over the course of the program.Other online programs have scheduled online classes with attendance, and if you can’t be online during those times, then you’re SOL.

Another problem with other online programs is that they have scheduled online classes with attendance, and if you can’t be online during those times, then you’re SOL. ¬†Maryville’s program is completely asynchronous. ¬†That means you don’t have any class times, attendance grades, or reasons to be online at specific times. ¬†Nope, just assignment deadlines. ¬†Simple!



School is expensive, especially grad school.  When shopping around, I wanted to find a program that checked all the boxes without costing a fortune.  That ruled out programs like Georgetown and Simmons right off the bat.

Maryville is priced competitively with other programs, and is currently charging $37,459 for the full program ($797 per credit hour, total of 47) plus “one fees” amounting to $5,850 ($650 per semester, total of 9) for a grand total of $43,309.



  • Accreditation. ¬†No one in their right mind would spend thousands of dollars and years of their life pursuing a degree from a non-accredited university. ¬†Maryville is accredited by both the CCNE and NCACS.
  • Clinical freedom. ¬†Do clinicals wherever, whenever, and with whomever you want (with obvious limitations based on their license and the NP specialty you’re seeking).
  • No GRE. ¬†Time and money saver right there.


I’ll update later as I progress further, but so far so good! ¬†If you’re interested in getting your NP online, I highly recommend Maryville… check them out!

Disclaimer:  I am not being paid, promoted, or otherwise encouraged to write this article for Maryville University.  This review is simply my opinion.

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