Workplace Violence

Healthcare is crazy.  Unrealistic HCAHPS, abysmal staffing, being chronically underpaid and overworked… these are just a few of the many joys we get to deal with, but for the focus of this article, let’s tackle workplace violence. DaveHey, I’m Dave!  I founded Nursejanx 🙂

Important Job Search Tips for New Grads

If you’re new to the world of nursing and looking for your first job, congratulations!  You will however, want to know a few important things… DaveHey, I’m Dave!  I founded Nursejanx 🙂

The rude patient epidemic

Over time, there has been a dramatic shift in the way patients interact with healthcare professionals. Gone are the days when doctors and nurses were highly respected individuals and treated as such. Nowadays, patients have swapped respect with arrogance, rudeness, and a giant sense of entitlement. But why is this? DaveHey, I’m Dave!  I founded …

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