7 Things You Need To Do Before You Take Your NCLEX

If you are reading this article, then odds are you’ve finished nursing school, so congratulations!  Now you can focus all your attentions on slaying the beast that is the NCLEX.  Here are seven things you need to do before you take your NCLEX…

UPDATE: Check out the mega thread with all the NCLEX articles on the Nursejanx Forum!

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1. Hide all of your study material in your closet

DO NOT study for 24 hours before your test! It will only make you more stressed out, and the least amount of stress you can have walking into that building the better.


2. Eat!

No diets allowed the night before the NCLEX! Eat whatever is in sight; you deserve it.

Also, eat a hearty meal the morning before.  You don’t know how long you are going to be in there, and there’s nothing worse than your head running a million miles a minute and your stomach talking even louder about how hungry you are.


3. Don’t drink excess fluids

This will only make you pee and getting up at the testing center and having to get logged back on and blah blah blah is annoying and messes you up.


4. Wear comfortable clothing

No jeans and nothing tight.  Go in there looking like a trash bag and pack tissues in your car, because I’m telling you, as soon as you walk out of that building you are 100% going to say to yourself that you failed.

EVERYONE says that, and if they tell you differently then they are lying.


5. Map out the route

A couple of days before the morning of the test, make sure you know exactly where you are going. There is nothing like the kind of anxiety you get when you are lost and trying to get to the most important test of your life.

You are supposed to know about strokes and heart attacks, not have them yourself 😉


6. Be positive!

Tell yourself in the car (you don’t want people to think you are crazy) or internally that you are going to pass the test at least ten times and truly mean it. Our brains are mysterious and powerful, and if we believe in something we can make it happen. Believe that you will pass the test and you will!


Good luck!

UPDATE: Check out the mega thread with all the NCLEX articles on the Nursejanx Forum!

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